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Five Voter Fraud Myths and Truths

PJ Media has put together a new publication about voter fraud called Crimes Against the Republic.

When it comes to voter fraud, there are several myths and several truths of note — enough to leave everyone unhappy.  Here are five:

1. Myth: President Obama won reelection because of voter fraud.  Nonsense.  The margins in key swing states such as Ohio and Virginia were too vast to be driven by voter fraud.  No voter fraud scheme can move tens of thousands of votes.  That’s impossible and would be detected.  The machinery of elections simply doesn’t allow for the possibility of organizing and procuring tens of thousands of votes.  If you are desperate for a singular explanation for Obama’s reelection, you should get to know Catalist.  This massive database and how the modern left uses it to drive turnout among the base are behind Obama’s releection, not voter fraud.  That Republicans and conservatives have absolutely no effective counterpart makes it even more so.

2. Fact: Voter fraud has altered the outcome of elections.  Senator Al Franken (D-Lino Lakes), the Saturday Night Live clown, is in the  United States Senate because of voter fraud.  Franken won his election because Minnesota has same-day voter registration, where a person can register to vote and cast a ballot simultaneously.  Felons were ineligible to vote but did so anyhow — by the thousands (1099 of them to be exact). This means that Franken owes his Senate seats to graduates of Faribault and Lino Lakes.  Remember, Franken won by only 312 votes.  News media in Minnesota contacted many of the felons and they admitted they were proud of their votes for Franken.  Not a one voted for Norm Coleman.  But it’s worse.  Al Franken was the 60th vote to pass Obamacare over a filibuster.  Because of voter fraud, Obamacare passed.

3. Myth: Paper ballots are the safest.  Paper ballots actually facilitate voter fraud.  Electronic voting machines cannot be hacked from outer space.  The machines are not connected and manipulated by the Illuminati.  The worst form of elections are paper ballots because they are subject to human interpretation.  When paper ballots are counted, partisans on each side get to interpret stray marks the way they want to. Xs stray from boxes, and — magically — votes move.  Electronic machine counting is the best way to eliminate voter fraud.  The single best election system is the optical scan ballot where you make selections inside ovals and the paper is fed through an electronic counting scanner.  People who waste time on electronic voting machines are overlooking the many other ways the system is manipulated.

Wendy Rosen, Democrat

Wendy Rosen, Democrat

4. Fact: Eric Holder’s Justice Department is facilitating voter fraud.  It isn’t hard to find the ways Eric Holder’s radical version of law enforcement is facilitating voter fraud.  That’s the central story of Crimes Against the Republic.  For starters, multiple individuals have been caught voting more than once in a federal election.  This is a federal felony.  The response from the Justice Department? Crickets.  Take Wendy Rosen (pictured above).  She was a Democrat running for Congress.  We have reached the Alice in Wonderland moment where a Democrat can pen an editorial admitting she violated federal election law and no federal charges ensue.

Her excuse for committing a federal felony?  Because election integrity laws make it hard for the poor and blacks to vote.  She  actually says this.  Maybe Eric Holder isn’t prosecuting Wendy Rosen because 1) Rosen is a Democrat and 2) she  is mimicking Holder’s own talking points.   Such are the lawless ways of the Obama age — felons get a pass as long as they are allies of the president, sort of like the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia.  This is the stuff that makes Americans furious, and the Democrats best beware of the whirlwind they may reap.  Many more examples of Holder facilitating voter fraud are in Crimes Against the Republic.

5. Myth: Just electing Republicans will end voter fraud.  Voter fraud is a non-partisan issue.  Both Republicans and Democrats have been found guilty, though Democrats seem to outnumber Republicans by significant amounts.  Voter fraud is particularly common in Democrat primaries where Democrats use it against other Democrats.  That’s why the Democrat-run Rhode Island legislature passed a voter ID law.  Moreover, Republicans sometimes lack a spine to address the institutional and structural issues which open the door to voter fraud.  No-excuse absentee voting, one of the most fertile areas of voter fraud, is one example.  In other places, like Colorado, some Republicans are actually collaborators with the beneficiaries of fraud.  Colorado election clerks Pam Anderson and Sheila Reiner were but two.

 Crimes Against the Republic is available free for a limited time only, exclusively through the PJ Store. This ebook is downloadable in .mobi or .epub format, for all e-reading apps and devices.