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Shameless: Democrat Senator Convicted of Voter Fraud Introduces Bill to Convert Felonies to Misdemeanors

Democrats know how to use rough power to achieve their aims.  One voter-fraud felon serving in the California Senate is doing just that.

Senator Roderick Wright (D-Inglewood) was convicted of multiple counts of voter fraud last week. He is staying in the California Senate and there appears to be no effort to remove him.



Wright has introduced legislation that would allow a court to magically convert a felony conviction into a misdemeanor. The L.A. Times:

The new bill would require a judge to deem a felony as a misdemeanor “if the court finds that certain circumstances apply.”

The circumstances include “that the defendant was not imprisoned in the state prison for the offense, the offense for which the defendant was convicted was not a serious or violent felony, as defined, the offense does not require registration as a sex offender, the defendant is not currently charged with and has not been convicted of an offense in the preceding five years, except as specified, and the defendant presents clear and convincing evidence that he or she has been rehabilitated.”

Wright has been stripped of a committee chairmanship, but still sits on the Senate budget, energy and human services committees and can push bills through the process as a senator in good standing.

Let’s look at his bill more closely and whether the tests might apply to his conviction.


Not imprisoned for the offense? Check, he’s in the Senate.

Not serious or violent? Check, Democrats never think voter fraud is serious. In fact, it hardly ever happens if you listen to what they say.

Not a sex offender? Check.

Not convicted in the previous 5 years? Check.

Rehabed? Check. After all, he is in the California Senate and nobody but nobody is going after him, not even California Republicans.

Looks like Senator Wright’s bill might have a self-serving purpose, just like a certain former governor helping felons to vote in another state.

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