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More on James O'Keefe's Defamation Lawsuit Against Main Justice

Yesterday I posted that conservative journalist James O’Keefe has sued the blog Main Justice for defamation.  Main Justice, started soon after Obama’s inauguration in 2008, has endeavored to provide a positive spin on all of the controversies and scandals surrounding Attorney General Eric Holder.  The Main Justice blog has repeatedly published false information, the latest directed at O’Keefe.  (I wrote about other false, and yet to be corrected, reporting by Main Justice in my book Injustice.)


You can now read a copy of O’Keefe’s complaint against Main Justice.

Mary Jacoby is editor at Main Justice.  A story on James O’Keefe falsely published that James “bugged” the phone at a U.S. Senator’s office.  After O’Keefe’s Project Veritas sent Jacoby a copy of an affidavit submitted by the Department of Justice saying that James did not attempt to tamper with telephones in any office and did not commit any felony, Main Justice altered their blog posting about O’Keefe, barely.

According to Project Veritas, Main Justice changed “bugged” to “tamper”  – something the DOJ affidavit expressly says did not occur. The Main Justice story still says that O’Keefe was attempting to “tamper” with phones in a Senate office.

Expect Main Justice to beg for quick mercy through a correction.  Don’t expect that to satisfy O’Keefe.  The damage done to his reputation by left leaning bloggers exaggerating the events in New Orleans is too much for him, I  suspect.


PJ Media sought comment from Mary Jacoby about the lawsuit yesterday before close of business.  We still have not heard a reply.  But her website has posted this comment:


My understanding is that O’Keefe has obtained damages against other defendants in at least one libel case.



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