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Pay Attention: CO Democrats Using Election Process to Enshrine Power

Something is happening in Colorado, and you better pay attention. Colorado Democrats, with the active help of some Republican county election clerks interested in shirking work, have devised a revolutionary plan to remake future Colorado elections.

The plan is simple: ballots are automatically mailed out to every single person on the voter rolls. Ballots are even mailed to people listed as "inactive" voters at their last known address. Ballots are then voted and returned by mail.

No more polling places.

No more voters actually demonstrating an interest in participating in an election. The government will decide that for them, and scatter millions of paper ballots into the U.S. mail.

In 2016, this system will be an invitation to fraud. It will be unmanageable. And it will be a model to pass in other states controlled by Democrats.

Despite the effort of some senators, this proposal will almost certainly become law because the GOP doesn't have the numbers to stop it. Election-integrity champion and Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler is trying to explain how this proposal will breed fraud, but Democrats don't care.

This bill is about power, not good government. If it passes, Colorado will likely remain blue for years. Those who doubt that don't understand how important process is to election outcomes. Cleta Mitchell, an election-law expert, recently spoke to the True the Vote national summit on the topic: "Process, process, process," she told the audience.

Process is what the Left cares about, so much so that they are pouring $100,000,000 into the "Democracy Initiative," a plot to permanently reshape American politics by altering election-process laws.

The conservative and GOP response? Next to nothing. It will probably include more money for radio spots the weekend before an election and more tweets.

The Left understands they can reshape the country on issues of immigration, abortion, taxes, business regulation, defense, terrorism, and health care by reshaping election-process laws. This is why they oppose voter ID, citizenship verification, and purges of dead voters. This is why they propose early voting, welfare agency voter registration, same-day voter registration (which gave us Al Franken), felon voting, and counting illegal aliens for redistricting purposes to subsidize Democrat legislative seats.

When you control election-process rules, your ideas need not appeal to a majority of people to obtain power.