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Will Doug Kmiec Please Stand Up?

One of the reasons that President Obama won the 2008 election is because Catholics overwhelmingly voted for him.  A prominent pro-life Catholic who told other pro-life Catholics it was acceptable to vote for Obama was Douglas Kmiec.


Kmiec announced his support for Obama on Easter Sunday 2008, no less. Kmiec didn’t just endorse Obama on the most important Christian day of the year. He also lured more Catholics to Obama’s cause by eroding their moral instincts against an avowed long-time pro-abortion politician. He told them it was fine for a pro-life Catholic to vote for Obama.

For this transgression, Kmiec (as far as I know) has never atoned.  From Deacon Keith Fournier, an ex-friend of Kmiec’s at Catholic Online:

He did much more; he became the leading “apologist” of sorts, attempting to convince other Catholics to support the candidate. He did so in the face of candidate Obama’s expressed opposition to defending the Rights of our first neighbors in the womb.

Doug wrote a book entitled “Can a Catholic Support Him?” In the afterward of the book he wrote: “Barack Obama has my vote. Your only duty is to cast your own in good conscience. As a Catholic and as an American, you may do so in perfect freedom. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”.

For fooling the flock about Obama’s sinister approach to the unborn, Kmiec was awarded the ambassadorship to Malta.  After an unconventional tenure as ambassador, Kmiec resigned in 2011 and is now a law professor at Pepperdine.


This week, Obama addressed Planned Parenthood, going so far to close his address by saying “God bless you.”  This is an organization responsible for hundreds of thousands abortions a year.  Obama’s attendance was timed to coincide with the Kermit Gosnell trial — a wicked saga so gruesome that I can barely contemplate the facts.

Make no mistake — Obama went to the Planned Parenthood event this week because of the Gonsnell trial.  Planned Parenthood needed a cheerleader after a very bad month.

Obama wouldn’t have it otherwise, for this is an administration that does not retreat from its most radical instincts.  A more reasonable, left-of-center president might have concluded it is bad form to appear at a Planned Parenthood event the very week that it refused to condemn vile murders that took place in a Philadelphia hell house.

But not Obama.  This is a man who nominates dishonest radicals for the cabinet like Thomas Perez who abuse peaceful pro-life clinic protesters.  This is a man unashamed to flaunt his radicalism to the radicals who understand and appreciate it, even while he speaks with a veneer of respectability so middle America won’t understand what the radicals do.


So will Doug Kmiec finally stand up and denounce this enemy of the innocent?  Does Obama’s appearance at Planned Parenthood this week, this awful week while the Gosnell trial winds down, finally give Kmiec the chance to admit he made a mistake in 2008?

Will Kmiec admit he made a mistake, not so much with his own embarrassing endorsement on Easter, but in his follow-up work to lure believers to vote for a man that has done more to harm unborn innocents than any president in history?

There is no better time than now, than this week.

We can watch Kmiec at his Twitter feed.  So far, no mention of Gosnell or Obama’s Planned Parenthood appearance, or his mistakes in 2008.

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