Rule of Law

Virginia Democrats Slapped Down by Judge

Around the country, Democrats and their handmaidens in the media are attacking conservative groups who will watch the polls under various state laws. The Democrats don’t want them inside the polls for reasons we all can predict. Democrats have lied and said these pollwatchers will hassle voters.

In Virginia, one state where conservative poll watchers will be active by the thousands, the law doesn’t even allow pollwatchers to engage voters.

But like so much about the modern Democratic Party, the law is but an obstacle to be circumvented. In Virginia, Democrats tried to do it in court.

Democrats sued Fairfax County in an effort to allow their pollwatchers to do what they are falsely accusing conservative pollwatchers of planning – aggressive interaction with voters.

The Democrats dragged Cameron Quinn, the busy county administrator, to court in the week before Election Day in a spurious lawsuit. They claimed instructions not to talk to voters were a violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Virginia law.

But the Democrats couldn’t back up their claims and the case was tossed.

This is the latest failed attempt by the Democrat Party to influence the administration of the election by hook or crook. They seek to exclude conservatives from exercising legal rights to observe the election by falsely characterizing a vast voter intimidation conspiracy. Yet then the NAACP breaks Texas law inside a Houston poll and the Democrats fall silent.

Maybe they are too busy falsely accusing True the Vote of nefarious voter intimidation plots.

Intimidation of voters is a serious issue. But in their training, True the Vote ensures that their poll watchers do not talk to voters at all. Poll watchers are there to ensure election officials do their jobs. Having poll watchers of any party talk to voters would amount to electioneering inside the polls and possibly even intimidation.

But that is precisely what the Democrats in Virginia brought a lawsuit to do.

Democrats asked the court to overrule the nonpartisan election officials and allow their lawyers rights to roam the polls and chat with voters.

Imagine it: a lawyer in an expensive three-piece suit will be telling people how to vote.

Does anyone think partisan poll watchers for Obama are going to be as helpful to voters who are voting for Romney or other candidates as for Obama? Does anyone really believe that partisan poll watchers won’t electioneer for Obama inside the polling places?

That is why all of True the Vote’s training is adamant that poll watchers should not even tell a voter where the restroom is. They are at the polling places to observe election officials and document what happens. It is ironic that the Democrats who are claiming intimidation by True the Vote-trained poll watchers before the election are asking a judge for the right to interact with voters inside the polls.

The whirlgig of time is bringing revenge on the Democrats. A few weeks ago, they were in a swivet about Tea Party poll watchers by the tens of thousands standing silently in the polls with clipboards. Then the Democrats sued to interact with voters in Virginia. You just can’t beat the hypocrisy.