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Million-Dollar Racial Incitement Against Law-Abiding Poll Watchers

To get a sense of the racial incitement Democrats will be willing to use in November’s election, read this article written by a couple of college kids and published in the Tucson Sentinel. Despite the fact nobody reads the e-only-Tucson Sentinel, this irresponsible report by A.J. Vicens and Natasha Khan demonstrates the depths the Left is willing to plumb to stoke up racial resentment during the election.

A. J. Vicens
Vicens and Khan’s operation isn’t a real journalism program. They are part of News21, an operation designed to attack conservatives and Republicans in the upcoming election -- to accuse them of ill will and conspiratorial efforts against minorities. They are a well-funded and unfair opposition research program.

Natasha Khan
No sane Republican or conservative should grant an interview to anyone from News21 this fall, unless they demonstrate a change in their biases.

But of course News21 can’t change their biases. Their funders wouldn’t be happy. News21 is bought and paid for by the left-wing Carnegie Foundation. (The great Scot immigrant and Pittsburgh industrialist would be in a rage to learn his legacy is being used to undermine the rule of law). Their other funder, the left-wing Knight Foundation, is no different.