More DOJ Madness: Seeing-Eye Horses in Hotels

One of the chapters in my book Injustice is called “Through the Looking Glass.”  It describes a DOJ gone mad where people who lose cases are given cash awards and lunacy as government policy becomes the norm.  Now the same Civil Rights Division is mandating through regulations the use of guide-horses for the blind (as opposed to seeing eye dogs.)  The logic from DOJ:


“Miniature horses were suggested by some commenters as viable  alternatives to dogs for individuals with allergies, or for those whose  religious beliefs preclude the use of dogs,” the rules state.  Also  mentioned as a reason to include the animals is the longer life span of  miniature horses – providing approximately 25 years of service as  opposed to seven years for dogs.

“Some individuals with disabilities have traveled by train and have  flown commercially with their miniature horses,” the Justice Department  notes.

“Similar to dogs, miniature horses can be trained through behavioral reinforcement to be ‘housebroken,’” it adds.

A few years ago, this might have seemed an elaborate spoof.  But it instead shows what happens when you hire radicals into the Disability Rights Section at the DOJ, hires we covered here in the Every Single One series. These radicals are the ones writing these absurdist new regulations to micromanage American lives and businesses.  Not a one of them appears to have a career history in the private for-profit sector.  Which explains why we can expect horses in your local McDonalds or Target shortly.


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