Rule of Law

Dead Voters Found in Maryland

While Eric Holder is busy preventing Florida from removing ineligible foreigners from the voter rolls, citizen groups are finding problems with the voter rolls elsewhere.  Election Integrity Maryland has found dead voters infesting the rolls in the state’s three largest jurisdictions.  They say:

Despite assertions by the Maryland State Board of Elections that voter registration records are kept up-to-date, the non-partisan watchdog group Election Integrity Maryland (EIM) has discovered names of deceased voters in Prince George’s County who remain on the voter rolls, as well as names of voters who have moved or who have duplicate registrations. Some voters are registered out of vacant lots, post office boxes and Mail Box stores.

Similar irregularities were discovered earlier this year by EIM in Montgomery and Baltimore Counties, and challenges have been filed in these jurisdictions as well. EIM plans to submit more challenges in other counties in the near future.

Don’t expect the Justice Department suddenly to start enforcing Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act against Maryland and demand removal of dead and ineligible voters.  That wouldn’t help with the main task at hand – re-election.