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Florida Media Reckless About Trayvon Martin

I am in south Florida on a number of speaking engagements for Injustice and I’ve discovered that the local media has gone as nuts has the national media in the Trayvon Martin frenzy.  (By the way, I’m speaking in Stuart, Florida, Friday night at 6 p.m. and signing books).

Yesterday, WIOD-AM in Miami filled their afternoon newscasts with a report from the funeral director who handled Trayvon Martin’s funeral.  They treated the undertaker like a coroner.

The undertaker, of course, had a business relationship with whomever paid for the funeral, thus raising questions of his bias.   WIOD naturally took no note.  The undertaker opined that the Zimmerman statements about being attacked had to be false because Trayvon, “had no marks or bruises on his arms.”

I’m no Quincy, but I’ve read enough crime copy to know marks on arms are usually relevant to the victims of attacks, not the perps.

I’ve painstakingly avoided a factual debate over the Trayvon Martin shooting.  That’s what courts of law are for.  But for the largest news radio outlet in Miami to put on an undertaker, possibly paid for by the Martin family, to opine about matters which he has no competence and plenty of bias is reckless.  The recklessness of the media (see my previous post on Bianca Prieto’s reckless report on the New Black Panther threats) has added to the mob frenzy.

WIOD also has a story with the teaser headline: “More people take to the streets this weekend demanding  justice.”  At least that is an improvement over vengance, last week’s demand.