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1776: "Wealthy White Men" Founded the USA

America has learned a great deal about Harvard Law professor Derrick Bell over the last three weeks.  His nutty and venomous philosophy, Critical Race Theory, is now familiar to many Americans.  My book Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department  shows what happens when Critical Race Theory gets a foothold in government policy.  My book also has a photograph that perhaps explains Critical Race Theory better than any article or crazed writing by Bell over could.

I describe where I found this photo in Injustice:

The nation’s premiere voting rights museum—the National Voting Rights Museum—now sits at the foot of the bridge [in Selma, Alabama]. The museum is an inadvertent monument to the civil rights movement’s degeneration. Its outlook is neatly captured in ten words that begin its timeline display of the civil rights movement. There, we find a replica of John Trumball’s iconic depiction of the signing of the Declaration of Independence with the caption, “1776. The Declaration of Independence signed by wealthy white men.”

The original civil rights giants would never have tolerated this historically false assertion. They were patriots, driven by love for their fellow countrymen and a burning desire to make America a better place for all its citizens. They repeatedly and vehemently rejected hatred. But the nasty caption captures the bitter spirit of much of the civil rights movement today and of numerous race-based activist groups around the country.

I own the copyright to the photo.  But feel free to copy and distribute.  The more people learn about these nutty ideas, and the museum display in Selma, the better.  Incidentally, I will be in Miami on March 29 signing copies of Injustice and also Stuart, Florida, on March 30.



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