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Derrick Bell's Love for New Black Panther Party Founder, and White House Counsel

Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell praised the anti-Semitic founder of the New Black Panther Party. Another strong supporter of Bell was eventually Obama White House counsel Cassandra Butts, the White House lawyer when the New Black Panther voter intimidation case was dismissed.

Powerline has the story of Derrick Bell praising the venomous anti-Semite Khalid Muhammad, former head of the New Black Panther Party. The dots that Powerline connected are the dots between Derrick Bell, Khalid Muhammad and the New Black Panther Party. But White House counsel Cassandra Butts was also involved in the now-famous Harvard Law School rally for Bell. Butts helped organize the rally supporting Bell and escorted him to be introduced.

Butts, nearly 20 years later, may have played a role in the dismissal of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case according to multiple reports.

As a member of the DOJ team that brought the case against the New Black Panther Party, it staggers the imagination that Barack Obama's beloved law professor Derrick Bell had anything positive to say about this radical racist anti-Semite. This is simply disheartening. You would think "esteemed" Harvard Law professors wouldn't say nice things about a man who called for the murder of white women and children:

We kill the women. We kill the children. We kill the babies. We kill the blind. We kill the crippled. We kill the crazies. We kill ‘em all. We kill the faggots. We kill the lesbians. We kill them all.

Bell's view of Khalid Muhammad? "We should really appreciate the Louis Farrakhans and the Khalid Muhammads while we’ve got them.”

We are beginning to see why the Left went into warp drive to tell us Derrick Bell wasn't important.

If we've learned anything in the last week, we learned there are some very strange social and legal circles from the far fringes, and unfortunately, the far fringes are now in power.

Now consider the strange case of Cassandra Butts (left of Bell in photo below):