Hypocrites at the Philadelphia Bar Association

The Philadelphia Bar Association has joined the effort to block voter ID.  What does a bar association have to do with voter id?  Apparently a lot.  This alarmist email went to members:


This week, the PA Senate is expected to consider HB 934 – the Voter ID Bill. If enacted, this legislation would require all citizens, except for those with religious objections, to produce a photo identification card in order to vote.

The effect of the legislation would be to keep thousands of otherwise eligible Pennsylvania citizens from voting.

A recent study conducted by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law [Editor note: the convicted felon George Soros funds the Brennan Center] shows that 11% of U.S. citizens lack photo ID. Disproportionately, those without photo ID tend to be elderly, minority, indigent or disabled citizens.

The Philadelphia Bar Association urges you to contact your State Senator through the Legislative Action Center to express your opposition to House Bill 934 as an unnecessary impediment to the exercise of a citizen’s right to vote.”

Some members are not happy that a lawyers group has taken the side of the Democratic Party opposing Voter ID.  One member of the Philadelphia Bar Association sends me a copy of the email she sent to John Savoth, Chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar and of counsel at Saltz Mongeluzzi.

“If the Philadelphia Bar Association wants to be a front for the Democratic Party’s ideals, so be it. However, please understand that I am a member of the bar and I do not share the position so cavalierly spread across the email list presuming that every bar member is jumping on this bandwagon. Additionally, please make sure these hyperbolic emails are better edited. With a re line of “Your Action Needed Now to Preserve the Right to Vote,” I thought maybe there were men in militia uniforms outside of a polling place intimidating voters with billy clubs and the email was a call to arms for the bar to rush to the aid of voters. Oh wait — that did happen and the Obama Justice Department dismissed the matter.”


I couldn’t find anything at the Philadelphia Bar Association website taking a stand against New Black Panther voter intimidation in their own city.  Perhaps they urged DOJ action against the panthers, and I just can’t find the action alert.  Happy to post the Philadelphia Bar Association’s link decrying the New Black Panthers, if someone can find it.  Otherwise, maybe members of this volunteer organization should cancel their membership.


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