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Holder Lashes Out at Media Over Fast and Furious

Attorney General Eric Holder blames the media for Fast and Furious and mounting calls for his resignation.  No, he really does.  More, including the audio, at the Daily Caller.

A couple of things today about this latest loss of cool. First, it isn’t just the Daily Caller covering the story as Holder wrongly claims. Every corner of the media is covering it. This sounds like something Press Harpy Tracy Schmaler at DOJ might be telling him, that only just one or two outlets are covering the story, but it isn’t true.   She has a reputation of lying to the media, so maybe she also lies to her boss.  She also has a reputation of lashing out at the media, like Holder did. (Memo to Press Harpy Schmaler: You’re blowing it, Tracy. This guy is getting clobbered on your watch. And your catty tactics are just antagonizing outlets.)

Secondly, blaming the Daily Caller ignores all the great work PJ Media has done on this!

Thirdly, it seems that every day more on the Hill are calling for Holder to resign. The irony is that Holder’s resignation would do more for Obama’s reelection chances than almost anything else that could happen, apart from the worst economy in decades suddenly growing wings. Hatred for Holder is visceral across the country. He represents the worst and most base aspects of this administration. So if he goes, and a new, cleaned-up attorney general replaces him, it defuses a powerful weapon the GOP is going to use against Obama in the fall. Yes, Holder is going to be a major issue in the election campaign. Holder stepping down would undo those plans. Those calling for his resignation (and make no mistake, he is unfit for the office) need to realize that whoever replaces him will share the same ideology that led to the Black Panther dismissal and mirandizing terrorists. Meet the new boss…

If Holder resigns, we will get a shiny new radical in the office, without blemish. Of course it is a lot more fun covering and writing books like Injustice  about the wounded, flailing Holder, but he’s a disaster for the country.