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Unqualified: White House Judicial Wish List

A significant number of potential judicial nominees that the Obama administration wanted have been secretly deemed “unqualified” by the left-wing American Bar Association.  That’s saying something.  The New York Times:

The American Bar Association has secretly declared a significant number of President Obama’s potential judicial nominees “not qualified,” slowing White House efforts to fill vacant judgeships — and nearly all of the prospects given poor ratings were women or members of a minority group, according to interviews.

The White House didn’t like some of the conclusions and applied, shall we say, some gentle “pressure” for the ABA to “reconsider”  “unqualified” determinations:

The bar association is also said to have deemed at least two other potential minority or female judicial nominees “not qualified,” but upgraded them to “qualified” after the White House asked it to take a second look.

The minority nominee went from unqualified to qualified after effective “persuasion” came from the West Wing.  The Times has this tantalizing tidbit:

It also cited concerns over temperament for five, competence for three and ethics for three.

Unethical?!  Who are the three potential federal judges the Obama White House wanted on the federal bench that the ABA determined had ethical problems?  Who are the five incompetents?  Naturally, the Most Transparent Administration In History will be making the names available shortly.