Somebody Other Than Zombies Wants Access to Your Brain

Apparently we are good for something more than brain food.

They are called “biometrics,” characteristics of your body that are unique to you.

We all know fingerprints have been used for identification since the days of the G-Men. But, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns, hand measurements and even your walking gait can be used to prove that you are you. Now comes news of yet another scientific study suggesting that every human also has a unique brain pattern.


People are already scurrying around trying to figure out what can be done with a “brain-print.” It is unlikely to be used for identification purposes like replacing your password.

On the other hand, scientists have a lot of other far out notions, including using your brain pattern to gauge your intelligence and predict future behavior.

Maybe, we will all be living Minority Report one day after all.



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