IRS Emails on Tea Party Group: "Our Hot Topic"

The document dump of IRS emails about Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) contains some very interesting items.  One is how eager IRS officials seemed to be to help Cummings in his crusade against the election integrity group True the Vote.  IRS officials referred to the Cummings meddling as synonymous with “our hot topic.”  Logan Churchwell posts the emails.









After this request, the tax agency that has trouble answering its own phones, snapped into action. Lois Lerner badgered Holly Paz to get Cummings what he wanted.  Paz promised quick results, “ASAP.”















After this Friday, January 25 email, Lerner badgered Paz on Monday whether Cummings got his IRS care package about the Texas Tea Party group.  When Paz told her the package hadn’t been delivered yet, Lerner snapped – “thanks, check tomorrow please.”











All of the urgency came from officials in an IRS unit which sat on Tea Party 501(c)(3) applications for years.



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