Black UCLA Law Students Complain About Equality

The video below of UCLA law students must be seen to be believed. Is it real, or is it parody?

A half century ago, the civil rights movement fought to eliminate the rancid practice of treating people differently because of their race. California eventually banned giving students admission to law schools like UCLA because of their skin color. Now, only grades and LSAT scores matter.


What is the reaction of the modern race left? It’s nearly pathological.

Is it real, or is it a parody of how far the civil rights movement has fallen from its zenith in 1965?

The law students (or actors?) complain about equality in admissions. They gripe about “colonial constructs” at the law school and how a self-described “angry black woman” wishes there were even “angrier black women” in her class so the white students could see she is really moderate. In the end, the video is a sad testament to the moral bankruptcy of groups like the NAACP (and current NAACP alumni Debo Adegbile, whose nomination still sits before the Senate for civil rights division chief at DOJ).

Watch the video, and behold the modern narrative of the civil rights movement:



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