Virginia GOP Nominates a Good Man

This past weekend, the Virginia Republican Party nominated Bishop E. W. Jackson for Lt. Governor.  Jackson’s nomination will be a test whether the Tea Party, conservatives and independents have enough clout to elect an honest outsider who also happens to be a very good man.



Mr. Jackson served in the Marine Corp and graduated from Harvard Law School.  He isn’t your ordinary politician.  He speaks the truth and doesn’t tie himself up in linguistic half-truths when asked a question.  His candor is refreshing.

A former Democrat, Jackson is intimately familiar with the tactics the Left uses to enforce racial solidarity, whether accusations of racism, big government dependency or the Justice Department’s use of the law in a racially selective way.

Jackson is already drawing the ire of the pro-abortion Left, and for good reason.  He accurately describes the nasty racist eugenicist pedigree of Planned Parenthood and their targeting of black communities.  Abortion advocates would be wise to leave well enough alone and keep quiet about Mr. Jackson’s views.  The vast majority of Americans oppose racially targeted abortion.  The more that the pro-abortion Left talks about Jackson, the more chances he will have to share the racist and villainous history of Planned Parenthood.

Jackson faces Democrat Aneesh Chopra.  Chopra served in the Obama administration.  President Obama, in announcing Chopra’s addition to his administration, made a statement sure to hound Chopra and provide laugh lines:


Chopra’s job will be to promote technological innovation to help the country meet its goals such as job creation, reducing health care costs, and protecting the homeland. Together with Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra, their jobs are to make the government more effective, efficient, and transparent.

Heckuva-job Chopie.

Jobs are down.  Health care costs are up.  And the administration is the least transparent (and abusive) in history.

Jackson’s candidacy will provide the voting block constantly agitating for an outsider that speaks plainly a chance to show if there are enough of you to win an election.  His candidacy will test whether America has room for a genuinely honest man who loves the American idea an opportunity to rise to high office.  From everything I know about Jackson, and everything I know about Virginia, expect Jackson to win.



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