Understanding Sheila Jackson Lee's Accusations of "Racism"

During the 2010 election, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) was madder than a hornet that True the Vote was poll monitoring in Houston.  True the Vote was inside polling locations documenting election irregularities.  In response, Jackson Lee accused tea party groups like True the Vote of “intimidating and harassing” minorities by monitoring the elections.


As we get closer to November, let’s remember the Congresswoman who cried wolf, so the next time we better understand the motivations of those who accuse law abiding citizens of racism.

Why did Jackson Lee play the race card so quickly in November 2010?  It turns out her own district is infested with election irregularities.  True the Vote has complied data about behavior in her district, data which perhaps explain why the Congresswoman didn’t like pesky monitors recording what was happening there.  Brandon Darby has details:

Engelbrecht’s volunteers ultimately submitted 800 signed affidavits outlining problems they encountered, including having overheard some election judges telling people who they should and should not vote for. . . .

The group began doing research into the abnormalities in Jackson Lee’s district. They took the first 3,800 registrations of the flagged 19,596 homes with six or more registrants and began to investigate further. The group visited addresses and scoured property tax records. The group found many of the addresses were vacant lots or business addresses. Thirty-nine were registered at businesses and 97 of the addresses were nonexistent. One hundred six of the registrations revealed the same registrant registered more than once, and 207 of the addresses turned out to be vacant lots.’


Jackson Lee’s claim of intimidation did not survive scrutiny.  Law enforcement officials in Harris County informed True the Vote that there were no credible accusations of intimidation meriting an investigation.  On the other hand, we have hard data that Jackson Lee’s own congressional district is a cesspool of election illegality.

Remember the story of the Congresswoman who cried wolf in October 2012 when we hear similar racially charged accusations.

Jackson Lee’s response should not surprise anyone who has read Injustice.  Many purporting to be civil rights activists are instead enablers of voter fraud.

In light of the rampant fraud that marred elections in Wilkinson, Hale, Perry, and Noxubee, it is important to note that there is an enormous and well-funded industry of voter fraud deniers that provides an intellectual smokescreen for this lawlessness.

Add Jackson Lee to the list based on the data collected by True the Vote.



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