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BREAKING: Possible Terror Attack Targets Police Near Barcelona (UPDATED - Police Say May Not Be Terror Related)

Early reports are coming from Gava, just south of Barcelona, Spain, of an attack on two municipal police officers with an AK-47. At this point the motive of the attacker is unknown. Could be crime-related, could be terrorism:

Several local media reports that the suspect is of "North African appearance":

UPDATE: Suspect is under arrest. Police are saying it may not be terror related:

This comes as a Belgian federal prosecutor said today that he fears an imminent attack after police raids failed to capture suspects who may now feel cornered:

Al-Arabiya reports:

Several suspects are still wanted within the framework of a terrorism case that led on Wednesday to a series of searches in Anderlecht, a neighbourhood of Brussels.

“We can’t exclude a similar scenario as the one of March 22, 2016 Brussels attacks, but for the moment we have no element that goes into that sense of this hypothesis,” said the Prosecutor to Belga, the Belgian press agency.

One day after the searches that led to the arrest of the brothers Saouti, Akim and Khalid, Eric Van der Sijpt the spokesman of the Federal Prosecutor said this morning “We are still looking for several suspects after the raids of last night. We fear that (the suspects) feel cornered after the searches. We fear that they have the same reaction as the March 22, 2016 (Date of the Brussels attacks)”.