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How We’re Losing the War to Save The Islamic World Part I: Saving the West

Remember the 2000s, right after 9/11?  We’d get all these trolls on right-wing blogs telling us the Islamic womb would conquer the world.

Even back then we had reason to believe they were, as my grandmother would say, “lying with every tooth in their mouths.”  Population statistics aren’t very reliable in—no, wait.  Population statistics and censuses aren’t very reliable anywhere.  In the U.S. they get folded, spindled and mutilated, and “invisible uncountable populations” get aggregated even to cities that are losing population, in order to rig the electoral votes.  But we in the U.S. are amateurs at this stuff.  The true fast and loose goes on in countries where kleptocracies reign, particularly countries which are net recipients of international handouts, most of them calculated per capita.  For one, those countries really couldn’t count their population, not even if they wanted to really badly. They simply don’t have the kinds of efficient apparatuses and traditions of obeying the law that would allow that.  Second, if you really believe they try, I have some swamp land in Florida I’ll sell you cheeeeep.

We have indications, mostly coming at us through charity organizations and other indirect means, that women in the Islamic world have discovered the rhythm method of contraception on the net, and that this is enough to make a dent in the birth rate.  I don’t remember the links because these were in conversations ten or fifteen years ago, some of them via email.

The point is that while still out-reproducing the west, this is an academic matter because the birth rate is falling so fast they do not have a chance to overtake the West.  As with all immigrants, this seems to be true of those Muslims who immigrate, who, in a couple of generations, have the same birth rate as their neighbors.  (Though it should be noted that this too might be inflated, since net recipients of welfare, coming from countries with no respect for the rule of law, often borrow the neighbors’ kids to inflate their own brood.  This happens in our inner cities too.)

So we used to laugh at the trolls, but at the same time, there was a stab of fear.  They were so sure of themselves, so ready to kill for their cause, and the West was so full of doubt, so feeble, so incapable of even adequate resistance.  Was the future truly a fundamentalist form of Islam?  Some people, particularly on the left, believed and believe it will be.  This is part of the reason for their supine acceptance of terrorist acts.  As with communism, they are the monkeys who present their behinds to those who would kill them.

But there are reasons to think this is no longer true, if it ever was.