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Islamic State Threatens More Attacks on Egypt's Christians, Obama DHS Adviser Says They Have It Coming

In December, the Islamic State claimed a suicide bombing in a church inside Cairo's Coptic cathedral compound that killed 29 (all but one were women and girls). On Palm Sunday, two separate Islamic State suicide bombings killed nearly 50 worshippers.

Over the weekend, the group threatened more attacks on Christians:

That renewed threat prompted interesting commentary from former Obama Homeland Security Advisory Council member Mohamed Elibiary. He claims that the Coptic Christians in Egypt -- the largest Christian population in the Middle East -- have it coming:

This stunning claim follows a long history of anti-Christian comments by Elibiary going back years, as I've reported here at PJ Media:

What has Elibiary upset? Many in the Coptic Christian community backed the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi in 2013. In his tweet, he references "MB Egyptians" -- Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians.

He is drawing an analogy between being anti-Muslim Brotherhood, and mass murder.

His past anti-Christian statements have been denounced by Coptic church leaders:

And yet he has repeatedly denounced "collective guilt" when it comes to the Muslim community:

This is quite the role reversal from 2014, when Elibiary's tweets warning of an inevitable caliphate were used by terror recruiters to push Islamic State propaganda: