I Think I'm an Alpha Male

I just came across John Hawkins’ post here at PJM with a quiz asking if you are an alpha male or a beta male. Sure, I’m a woman — but why not take the quiz? So I scored a 16 out of 20, which puts me (just barely) in alpha male territory:


1-5 A answers: I see that you let your little girl fill out the questions for you.

6-10 A answers: Sorry, but you’re definitely a beta.

11-15 A answers: With a little work, you can get over the hump.

16-20 A answers: Congrats, you made the grade as an Alpha.

I am not a big fan of these tests. I think, honestly, that putting people into alpha and beta categories is very narrow and rather ridiculous. That said, I once took Chateau Heartiste’s test for women and found out I was a beta female:

-4 to 14: Classic beta. Your hot friends always gets hit on first, but if you really tramp it up you can snag a slightly better than average guy to take you home for a single night of commitment.

Again, I think these tests are silly but if you are up for it, take it here and see what you think.



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