What is Your Social Class?

Do you even care? Maybe not, but here is a fun quiz to take if you are bored over the Christmas Holiday weekend and need some entertainment:

What is your social class?


I thought it was interesting that those who were “higher class” were more likely to have shaky ethics:


Imagine that you work in a fast-food restaurant… How likely are you to make something for yourself and eat it without paying? Imagine that you’re working a job where your boss asks you to get confidential information about a competitor’s product… How likely would you be to oblige?

These two questions were adapted from a follow-up study in the same report, which found a correlation between where subjects placed themselves on a “social ladder” relative to other people in the U.S., and their ethical decisions in imagined scenarios. Those who saw themselves as higher up a social ladder were more likely to say they would eat food without paying for it and spy on their boss’ competitor.

So those who see themselves as “high society” types are more likely to take food from their company without paying or spy on others. Charming. It’s the same way many celebrities expect to be given things for free, I imagine.


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