Will a Son in The White House Make a Difference for Men and Boys?

I am in a discussion email group of advocates for men and boys, and there is a discussion going on about approaching the Trump administration with a White House Council on Men and Boys. With the prior administration, I never thought such a council would do any good because the only agenda on it would be to tell men about their toxic masculinity.


However with 10-year-old Barron in the White House, maybe things will change. As the media has noted, Barron is the first son in the White House since JFK Jr.:

When President-elect Donald Trump and his family move into The White House in January, Barron Trump, 10, will be the youngest presidential son to reside in the executive mansion since John F. Kennedy Jr.

The White House has been home to only presidential daughters since JFK Jr., whose father was assassinated just before his third birthday in 1963.

Kennedy’s son broke a long drought of boys living in The White House.

“John John” was the first since Quentin and Archie Roosevelt started living there with their father Theodore Roosevelt in 1901.

Do Presidents tend to only have daughters? Why so few sons in the White House?

Anyway, I hope that President Trump and his staff will look into the issues facing men and boys in our society. Men helped him get to the White House and men’s issues such as work, health, and education need to be held as a high priority.


The focus has always been on women and what they need but men and boys have needs and rights too and they are in desperate need of being addressed. My top issues are due process rights at colleges and in child support laws, men’s reproductive rights and men’s health.

What specific issues or rights for men and boys would you like to see a Trump administration address?



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