Why are Liberal Psychotherapists so Biased?

“A black, working-class man would have to call 80 therapists. A middle-class white woman would only have to call five.” The Atlantic

I read over my National Register Newsletter for psychologists and found a link to this article in the Atlantic about the bias of mental health workers:


But a new study suggests there might be another problem at play when low-income and black people attempt to schedule psychotherapy appointments: They never make it past the first voicemail. The study, published in the June issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, suggests psychotherapists are more likely to offer appointments to middle-class white people than to middle-class African-Americans or to working-class people of any race.

Hmm, given that about almost all psychologists are liberal, it would seem that they are some of the worst offenders of discriminating against minorities or working class people. This ought to serve as a warning to those groups that those who are politically liberal may talk a good game about being “open-minded” but behind closed (therapy) doors, they may be the worst offenders of discrimination.



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