'The Truth Is, Fat Is In and Thin is, Well, Mostly Fantasy.'

It’s always nice to read, after stuffing one’s self at Thanksgiving, that Americans are getting fatter (via Newsalert):

Forget about the Thanksgiving feast. Potbellied and big-butted Americans stuff themselves silly all year round, a survey has found.

American men are weighing in at an average of 196 pounds — 16 pounds more than in 1990, a Gallup Poll has found. The average weight for women jumped 14 pounds to 156 pounds over the same period.

The truth is, fat is in and thin is, well, mostly fantasy.

When it comes to naming their ideal weight, men and women have lowered their standards considerably.

Men now put their ideal weight at an average of 185 pounds, the highest ever and up 14 pounds since 1990.

Women say their ideal weight is 140 pounds — up from 129 pounds in 1990.


I do think that Americans’ perception of weight has changed. What used to be considered normal weight is now thought of as thin. What used to be heavy is now normal.

Do you have an ideal weight and if so, what is it?


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