Things I Want to Shout to the World Before the Election

I have been looking around L.A. while I visit here and see the contrast here with what is going on in the rest of the country.  I am staying in a nice part of town where people live in a beautiful, bubbly cocoon riding their bikes to work and congratulating themselves on their rent-controlled apartments. It’s lefty heaven and honestly, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking the lefty utopia is not too bad. Until you start looking underneath the belly of the beast and realizing that lefty politics looks pretty on the outside but inside lies a cesspool of hurt for our country if things don’t change. Sometimes I want to walk up to one of these lefty hippies and just yell, “WTF are you doing?”


You drive a Mercedes or BMW and complain about the gas prices, not understanding that it is you who is driving the price into the ground. If you had your way, all of us in fly-over country would be following suit and be as regulated as you are. You think that your utopia will somehow save the day, but it will eventually result in a country that goes down not with a bang but a whimper.

Many of those on the left who are female would sell their soul for a package of free birth control pills and some morning-after pills given out to teens on demand. I have an image in my mind of a bunch of liberal women fighting over a pack of free birth control pills while our economy and our kids’ future go up in fiery smoke right next to them without them even noticing. Call me sarcastic, but I fear for our children’s future and their ability to get a job more than I care about whether or not they have to shell out 10 or 20 bucks a month for a pack of birth control pills.

I wonder how our health care will proceed if Obama is re-elected, Sure, maybe women can get free bc pills, but will it be at the expense of other areas of health for themselves and for men without the illness du jour that is popular with our government overlords at the moment? Because remember, breast cancer gets a lot more money and time spent on it than prostate cancer. Or what if you have heart disease like I did and not breast cancer? Will medical research continue to pay and do research on expensive devices like an ICD? If you think health care is bad now, wait until it’s regulated totally by government. But hey, maybe that pack of free pills was worth it.


Many business owners are afraid of Obama and his policies; they are battening down the hatches and readying themselves for another round of abuse if Obama is re-elected. Our free speech rights are at risk in our colleges now more than ever, and our ability to speak out in ways that the government doesn’t like without being arrested is, frankly, questionable. Our kids have no jobs and the situation will probably get worse if we continue down the path of the past four years. Our future and freedom are up in the air, but utopia is just around the corner.



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