'Not Even a Little Bit': Trump Confirms Biden and 'Dope' Milley Didn't Follow His Afghanistan Plan

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On Tuesday’s episode of the Glenn Beck Radio Program, former president Donald Trump gave Glenn his take on Joe Biden’s troubling performance over his nine months in office—and it was pure Trump. On the program, our former president explained why Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan would’ve been much different under his administration, and why he thinks it was “the most embarrassing event in the history of our country.” Trump also gave his unique and scorching take on China, the loss of Bagram Airfield, our allies, and what he really thinks of General Mark Milley.


Beck started with a rundown of “the gross malfeasance of the mainstream media” and the disastrous events the left told us were sure to happen under a Trump presidency that are now happening under Biden. “Let me give you an update on where we are as a nation,” Beck began. “Remember we were told our allies hate us so much because of Donald Trump? Biden would come in to restore our integrity and our role in the world.” Beck pointed out that now “Britain’s not talking to us” and our longest and most trusted NATO ally, France, has “recalled their ambassador for the first time in American history.” On Biden’s watch, NATO is about to collapse and there’s even talk “about a new European league” without us.

Beck went on to explain the ways the left said Biden would be better than The Mean Tweeter. “Biden was going to be compassionate” and never put people in cages, but we haven’t “seen AOC crying on the Texas border for the 15,000 people living under the Del Rio bridge.” In fact, the situation at the border is “worse than any time in American history—a true humanitarian crisis—all because Biden reversed all of Trump’s partnerships with Mexico and others,” said Beck.

Under Biden, the left promised “the economy would roar back to life,” continued Beck. “Well, we have 11 million unfilled jobs, we’re printing money for welfare, the Dow dropped 600 points [Monday] because we’re worried about another financial collapse in China, who we’re now fully in bed with.” Biden was supposed to unite us, but in a recent poll, Beck pointed out, “57 percent of Democrats now think Trump supporters are the biggest threat to America followed by 56 percent [who] think the biggest threat is anti-vaxxers.” It’s hateful polling like this, along with the feckless media, that is dividing, not uniting Americans. Trump “got the vaccine done in record time, has had the vaccine himself, and says other people should get it,” said Beck. Yet “he and his supporters are called anti-vaxxers by Joe ‘no miracles are coming’ Biden.” The left called Trump a dictator even as “Biden forces companies to bend to his will on vaccines” while telling Americans his “patience is running thin.” Gasoline prices are at record highs and “we’re no longer energy independent” as a nation thanks to Biden’s misguided energy policies. And don’t forget, we were energy independent just nine short months ago under Trump.


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The left promised Biden was for the working man. What they didn’t tell us was he’s only for union workers. They also neglected to tell us that under Biden we’d have to like food inflation, teacher-union-run union schools, CRT, and masking our kids forever. In Biden’s America, “violent crime is through the roof,” said Beck. “I’m not sure what our military stands for anymore; there’s no accountability.” Biden was handed peace in the Middle East, but now “the historic Abrahamic Accords are in shambles” and the left is “back to appeasing Iran, putting Isreal in danger.” Biden gave millions of dollars of our weapons and aircraft to the Taliban and left an unknown number of Americans behind.

“Do you miss him yet?” an exasperated Beck asked.

Beck then asked President Trump, “Can you just tell me, were they following the withdrawal plan that you had in place with Afghanistan?” True to form, Trump replied, “No, not even a little bit and we had a great plan, but it was a very tenuous plan.” His plan was based on such conditions as not allowing the Taliban to kill any American soldiers. From his very first conversation with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar, Trump made clear in no uncertain terms that if the Taliban killed “any Americans or any American soldiers, [we’d] hit [the Taliban] harder than any country has ever been hit before” and we’d start in Ghani’s village. From that point on “not one American soldier was killed,” said Trump.


It seems pretty clear, after the August deaths of our thirteen brave soldiers and the wounding of many others, that Biden didn’t follow that plan at all.

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“I did want to get out [of Afghanistan],” explained Trump. “But I wanted to get out with dignity. I wanted to take our equipment and I didn’t want soldiers killed. What he did is just indefensible. Biden took the military out first and left all these people. We became beggars.” According to his plan, Americans would’ve gotten out first, and “we were going to keep Bagram open. We spent ten billion dollars to build that base. It’s got the longest, most powerful runways in the world, and China now has its representatives there,” said Trump.

Finally, Beck asked if he believed the reports that General Milley may have undermined him with China while he was in office. “I learned early on that [Milley] was a dope,” quipped Trump. “I learned that when we walked to the church that was smoldering from the rioters. Milley walked with me, I walked with numerous people, but Milley walked with me. The next day I saw him apologizing. From the day he apologized, I essentially had nothing to do with him because I said this guy is a dope,” Trump explained.


And there were other things like the time he asked the general whether the U.S. should take our aircraft when leaving Afghanistan. “I said we’re getting out of Afghanistan. I want every nail. I want every screw. I want every bolt. I want every plane. I want every tank. I want it down to the nails, screws, bolts. I want the tents deconstructed. I want every single thing. And [Milley] said, ‘Sir, it’s cheaper to leave it than it is to bring it.’ I’m a construction guy so I understand this stuff better than anybody. I said you think it’s cheaper to leave it where it is than have 200 pilots fly over and fly the equipment out? Do you think it’s cheaper? ‘Yes sir, it’s cheaper to leave it.’ I said I got to tell you I think you got to be nuts. A tank of gas and a pilot and I just picked up a 40 million dollar airplane. He was amazing, so I learned early that this guy’s a dope,” said Trump. Trump thinks he’s pretty sure Milley also told Biden to leave our equipment in Afghanistan and Biden apparently listened.

To answer Glenn’s question, yes, I do miss President Trump. Regardless of what I thought of him in 2016, by 2019, I was ready to unreservedly vote for his policies. What Glenn and I recognized in this interview is the complete contrast of the cognitive and leadership abilities between Trump and Biden. Do I want Trump to run in 2024? I don’t know yet. There may be a better, more effective way for him to help the nation if, of course, he’s willing. More on that later.


The complete Glenn Beck episode can be seen on BlazeTV.


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