Florida Attorney Seeking Death Penalty for Illegal Who Murdered Girlfriend, Toddler

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Do you remember the horrific tale of Angel Gabriel Cuz-Choc I wrote about at the end of April?

If you need a refresher, Cuz-Choc is an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who entered the United States approximately three months ago. He is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Amalia Choc Choc de Pec, and her four-year-old daughter, Estrella, stabbing them both multiple times and leaving the four-year-old's body in a bathtub in Dover, Fla.

Why? Apparently, considering Cuz-Choc had previously beaten Choc Choc de Pec, he killed her because she stayed out with a friend for too long. He had "given" her an hour and a half and she stayed out for three.

Cuz-Choc was apprehended 17 hours after the murders, and Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister vowed he would "face the full weight of the criminal justice system for his vicious, vile, and evil actions."

And it looks like Cuz-Choc very much will. Florida State Attorney Susan Lopez is hoping to get the death penalty for him.

"I can’t imagine the terror both victims went through as they were brutally attacked by this defendant. A mother and her 4-year-old daughter were savagely stabbed to death. This crime was especially heinous, cruel, and atrocious. As a result of the violent nature of the defendant’s actions and the suffering of the victims, we are seeking the death penalty for both murders," said Lopez, as recorded by Florida's Voice.

Oh, yeah — according to FOX 13 Tampa, not only was Cuz-Choc here illegally, but he was already a wanted criminal back in Guatemala for killing two women, one of whom he also raped, back in January 2022 and March 2023. (The report does not specify which was which). 

According to Choc Choc de Pec's sister, Dolores, he had openly threatened the family by mentioning this to them when Amalia did not return to him one time. Dolores described how he "called me and told me to tell my sister to come back to him, because if she doesn’t, there will be consequences. It’s not the first time I’ve killed people. I’ve already killed people in Guatemala."

Regarding Cuz-Choc leaving his homeland, "We can only imagine that it was not to find a better life but to escape punishment for two murders he committed there," Lopez added.

You think, Ms. Lopez?

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Still, at least we are seeing justice done to someone as vile as this guy, especially in the two weeks since I first wrote about him. In that time, I had written about two more crimes that could have been prevented if we had a secure border.

Another illegal immigrant from Guatemala, Oseas Froilan Gomez-Telaban, sexually assaulted a minor in January but was only recently arrested in Chambersburg, Pa. Three days later, I covered a third Guatemalan who should not have been here named Marvin Dionel Perez Lopez. He sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl in Lake Worth, Fla.

As I said that time, you have to wonder what sort of sadism drives the people who control Joe Biden to let these people in with little to no vetting or monitoring. But at least we can take comfort in knowing that, if convicted, Angel Gabriel Cuz-Choc will never see sunlight again and will eventually be hooked up to Old Sparky or given a nice, relaxing dose of potassium chloride, pancuronium bromide, and midazolam.


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