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Pakistani poll call for killing of cartoonists

Jama’at-ud-Da’wah (JUD), an Islamic organization based in Pakistan, is conducting a poll on its website.

They ask:

What should be the response of Muslim Ummah to the blasphemous caricatures published in Denmark?

At the time of this writing 256 people have replied.

A majority – 56 percent – think the cartoonists and the editors behind the publication should be killed.

30 percent call for ignoring the publication and ask Muslims to keep preaching Islam with peace.

A minority calls for boycotting Danish products or expelling Denmark’s ambassadors from Muslim countries.

According to Wikikpedia JUD “is popular in Pakistan for providing free medical care and education for the poor. It has done a lot of relief work in natural disasters of Pakistan such as famine of “Thar”, flood of Sindh; after the 2005 Kashmir earthquake JUD was quick to donate tents, blankets and food and, according to many relief organizations, its camps were more professionally managed even than those run by the UN.”