Metaxas: LGBT Activist Government Effectively Establishes a Religion

In an interview with PJ Media, Christian speaker and author Eric Metaxas warned that the LGBT agenda is driving the federal government to do the very thing the First Amendment forbids — establish a religion, and a religion fundamentally at odds with American liberty.

"We're in a very dangerous place as a nation because religious liberty is at the heart of our liberties and ... you have [an] activist government effectively establishing a religion ... by taking very strong positions on ultimate questions like the human person, on sexuality," Metaxas declared.

Metaxas spoke with PJ Media about his new book If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty. He argued that the new LGBT restrictions on religious liberty effectively establish a religion because they elevate some approaches to human identity over others.

"When the government is taking positions that are at odds with the position of people — let's say of Christian faith — they are picking winners when they need to be agnostic, they need not to do that," he declared.

The author also praised Republican nominee Donald Trump on the issue of religious liberty. "I think he understands it infinitely better than Hillary Clinton, that much I'm convinced of," Metaxas declared. "Even if he were utterly ignorant of it, he would be better than Hillary Clinton because she seems desirous of eliminating what I think of as real constitutional religious liberty."

But the author does not think Trump ignorant of the issue — in fact, he said The Donald has "shocked me in a good way" on this issue.

Trump has brought up the Johnson Amendment, which caused churches to fear losing their 501c3 tax-exempt status and "has effectively muzzled pastors in the pulpits." To Metaxas, "that reveals an amazing level of understanding of the issue that most people like me don't have."

"I've never heard any Christian, any zealot for religious liberty ever suggesting that," the author admitted. "So Trump once again is you know ahead of the curve — it's very positive, shocking to me."

Religious freedom is central to American freedom, Metaxas argued. He presented the "Golden Triangle of Freedom," the idea that freedom fosters faith, faith undergirds virtue, and virtue makes true freedom possible. This notion of freedom was central to the Founding Fathers, and Metaxas wrote the book to educate people about it.

"When you look at the Founders, they have a vision of America which is monolithically pro-virtue, pro-faith, and pro-freedom," the author explained. "If you think you can achieve the same ends by different means, I'm interested, but the geniuses who put together the Constitution ... they didn't see any other way."

American liberty is a true world historical feat, and it is slipping away from our grasp, the author argued. "I think it's our job to teach these things to each other, to kids especially, to let them know this is what the Founders gave us — this is a treasure."

He chillingly added, "We've got to appreciate how fragile it is, and we've got to understand that it's going away very quickly unless we begin to take it very seriously."

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