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From the economy, to education, to Jihad on U.S. soil, and stuff that just makes us say “what now?” we scour the Internet to find stories that apparently aren’t fit to print.


The links we’ve compiled below shed light on the perils of being Christian in America, the fragility of stating a fact, threats to our liberties, and underreported events that affect our homeland security.  We invite you to share this page and get this information out there to more people.



RedState: Navy Chaplain fired for being Christian



National Review: Student Was Banned from Class for Pointing Out That a False Rape Statistic Was False

Restoring Liberty: Anti-American Text Used in Alaska School



Conservative Infidel: Man Sentenced to 30 Days for Catching Rain Water on Own Property

Breitbart: UC-Irvine Student Council Bans American Flag from Offices on Basis of Being More “Inclusive”!

LifeNews: Court Rules Obama Admin Can’t Make Family-Run Business Obey Pro-Abortion Mandate

Washington Examiner: Backyard burger and wiener roasts targeted by EPA


Homeland Security

homeland security_245503624

Washington Examiner: Iran Endorses Nuclear EMP Attack On United States

Counter Jihad Report: Obama Removes Iran From Terror List, ***Praises It For Fighting Terrorism***

Weekly Standard:Kerry Praises Iranian Fatwa Against Nuclear Weapons…

Creeping Sharia: Thanks to rampant Muslim immigration, DOJ has to give webinar on preventing female genital mutilation ***in America***

Urdu Daily: ‘Like A Sweet Thug, Obama Tried To Give An Impression That Attributing Terrorism To Islam Is Wrong’

Say What Now?

head scratcher_131546207

Yong Conservatives: Well-Off Millennials Can’t Name First President of US


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