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Farage: 'Biggest Enemy of All That We Face are Those Within Our Ranks'

WASHINGTON – Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence Party, said President Trump is “a true conservative hero” with an agenda that conservative Republicans should rally around.

“Worst of all, the biggest enemy that we face, those of us that have fought for conservative values and goodness, me, I spent 25 years fighting for Brexit, but perhaps the biggest enemy of all that we face are those that are within our ranks, those that masquerade as conservatives but actually follow liberal agendas,” Farage said during the Young America’s Foundation National Conservative Student Conference on Friday.

“Now I say that in light of the remarkable events of 2016. You know, we all lived through it. We were all a part of it but actually in 100 years’ time, in 200 years’ time, when history is being taught, 2016 will be seen to be the pivotal year, the year that good, ordinary, decent people took back control of their lives from career politicians who have taken us in the wrong direction,” he added.

Farage described his impression of Trump after he last met with him, saying that Trump is determined to carry out the agenda that he laid out during the campaign.

“What really struck me was his absolute determination to carry out as much as he possibly could of the program upon which he was elected, and to do that come hell or high water. Donald Trump has restored my faith in national democracy and in leaders who make promises to people they try to keep, and I put it to you that Donald Trump actually is a true conservative hero, he really is, in many of the things he’s trying to do,” he said.

“And yet, who are the people really giving Trump a problem? Who are the people really trying to stop the agenda that won that election from succeeding? Well, it isn’t the Democrats. It isn’t CNN. It’s John McCain and it’s people in his own party, and I think as the midterm elections hove into view it is incumbent upon all people who are conservatives to get behind this president, to help him fix this agenda. He’s having a tough time and we, too, on the other side of the pond are having a tough time,” he added. The UKIP saw a dramatic slide in support in the June general election in which the Labour Party gained 30 seats in Parliament.

Farage said a “number of people” in British Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet are “doing all they can to water down Brexit.” Farage said May has no credibility and “needs to go.”

“Folks, if you believe in true conservative values, even when you think you’ve won, you haven’t. You have to go on fighting,” he said. “The United Kingdom has a prime minister whose job is to oversee the Brexit process yet who supported the other side in the war, and I don’t think she’s a credible leader in the United Kingdom and for the sake of everybody she needs to go.”