5 Conservative Reasons to Vote for Evan McMullin

This is a tragic year for constitutional conservatives, and I would argue that there are good reasons to vote for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Evan McMullin. McMullin is the newest and least known of these candidates, and he is only contesting a handful of states. Nevertheless, there is reason to think he is the most viable third-party candidate, and the best representative of conservatism.

McMullin has no elected experience, and he only has a realistic chance of winning a state or two. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to vote for him. Here are five.

1. McMullin can win.

In a presidential election, electoral votes matter more than the popular vote. This is why George W. Bush won in 2000, despite the fact that more people voted for Al Gore. In order to win, a candidate has to rack up a majority of the electoral votes available — 270 this year.

If neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton wins 270 electoral votes, the election moves to the House of Representatives, where the delegations of each state vote for one of the top three candidates who won electoral votes.

McMullin's strategy is to win just enough electoral votes to take that third slot. To do so, he only has to win one state — and he's already beating Trump and Clinton in the polls for his home state of Utah. If he wins there, and if neither Trump nor Clinton wins 270 electoral votes or more (which is looking less and less likely), voting goes to the House of Representatives, where Never Trump Republicans could give McMullin a real shot.

If you live in Utah, you should definitely consider this independent candidate. Even if you don't live in a state McMullin can win, giving him more votes will give added incentive for representatives in the House to support his long-shot bid.

2. A moral man.

In 2012, Americans chose between two men who were both happily married, never divorced, and who had no history of blackmailing alleged victims of sexual assault. What a difference four years makes!

On the left stands Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has blackmailed numerous women who claimed to have been abused by her husband. She dismissed their complaints as "bimbo eruptions," and later went on to self-righteously declare, "to every survivor of sexual assault... you have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed." The "right to be believed" language was removed from Clinton's campaign website following a viral tweet from her husband's accuser, Juanita Broaddrick.

On the right stands Donald J. Trump, whose notorious comments about abusing women unleashed a firestorm among the Religious Right, once known as the "Moral Majority." Trump, despite claiming to be a Christian, has bragged about sleeping with other men's wives, ended two marriages by cheating with women, and said he has never felt the need to ask God for forgiveness. Oh, and there was that time he called Jesus an egomaniac.

Compared to these two moral reprobates, Evan McMullin comes across as a saint. A lifelong Mormon, he adheres to a tight moral code, much like former Republican nominee Mitt Romney. When Maggie Gallagher took to National Review to warn against McMullin, she still had to admit he is at least "a very good man and a patriot."

I'd take the good man over the philanderer and the corrupt enabler any day.


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