4 Conservative Reasons to Vote for Jill Stein

There are three minor-party candidates whom major media outlets take seriously, each for different reasons. Green Party nominee Jill Stein attracts national attention because her radical left-wing policies detract from the Democrat Party. It is primarily for this reason that I can understand a thinking conservative's decision to vote for her in November.

This is the fourth article in my series explaining how a true ideological conservative can back any of the five major candidates for president this year. My arguments for Donald Trump may not be surprising, and those for Gary Johnson might be inspiring, but those for Hillary Clinton likely turned some heads. The reasons to vote Jill Stein might also seem contradictory, but bear with me.

Without further ado, here are four reasons a thinking conservative can pull the lever for the Green Party candidate.

1. Jill Stein cannot win.

It is possible for Libertarian Gary Johnson or Independent Evan McMullin to win the November election — extremely unlikely, but possible. It is not possible for Jill Stein to win, period. She has 2.5 percent in the RealClearPolitics national average, and FiveThirtyEight does not even list her in its presidential projections.

Johnson polls at 6.5 percent, and in some states, as high as 15 percent. McMullin is effectively tied with Trump and Hillary in his home state of Utah, a state he could feasibly win. If the Electoral College is split in November (itself very unlikely) and either Johnson or McMullin wins a single state, it is indeed possible for a third-party candidate to win the presidency.

Jill Stein is not that third-party candidate. She is not polling anywhere near even Gary Johnson, and there is no state where she is a true electoral threat.

This is very good news, because Stein is legitimately crazy. Last month, she showed up late for an event because she went to the wrong city. Also last month, she vandalized a bulldozer to stop construction of a pipeline.

If you vote for Stein, you need not fear that she will actually win. But there is a reason to vote for her, and it can be rather compelling.

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