Trump Campaign Pulls Out of Virginia as Johnson Makes His Move

On Wednesday night, a Trump campaign advisor confirmed that the Republican nominee's operation was pulling out of the swing state of Virginia, effectively conceding the state to Hillary Clinton. At the same time, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson was making moves in the state.

Trump had built up a modest field operation in Virginia, but the campaign never considered the Old Dominion State crucial to the Republican's path to 270 electoral votes. Virginia — also known as the Mother of Presidents and the Mother of States — casts a mere 13 electoral votes, and went for President Obama in both 2008 and 2012.

Clinton holds a 9.4 percent lead in the current RealClearPolitics polling average, and it's entirely likely the Trump campaign's internal polls proved even worse for the Republican's electoral hopes.

Fallout from the "Access Hollywood" comments in 2005 may also have damaged Trump's competitiveness in the state, as concerns about the nominee's alleged sexism riled Republicans and created an avalanche of criticism from more than 40 elected members of his party (including House Speaker Paul Ryan).

Trump's operation had other serious problems in Virginia recently. The campaign fired Virginia State Chairman Corey Stewart after he participated in a protest in front of the Republican National Committee (RNC) headquarters.