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Well, here it is: THE DOWD CONUNDRUM

It took a MASSIVE amount of work to do something like this; if I had any idea at the outset I wouldn’t have done it since it tied up so much of my time and resources. But the fact is, it was a lot of fun and I had a blast.

Certainly not my deepest work, but there is an important point in there, regarding the dangers of elitist and intellectual thinking. I’d never really gotten to the bottom of why these smart people are so consistently correct and brilliant in their chosen fields and yet so spectacularly wrong almost all of the time when it comes to politics.

It’s funny, isn’t it — where you decide to draw the line? After I got the idea to do this piece, I decided to see the new Star Trek movie again so I caught a late show. I was driving home over Sepulveda pass after it was over — this would be at about 1:30 am — mumbling to myself: “The Left took Hollywood, music, late night comedy, universities, high schools, the news media and just about every other damn thing away from us… but they are not getting Star Trek, God damn them! I am not surrendering the Enterprise! Not without a fight!”

So there is some brain food in there, but the fact is, it just gave me a chance to do two things that have overwhelming power over me: 1.) Put on a custom-made gold velour jersey, and 2.) work with my buddy Maurice LaMarche. He’s the voice of The Brain in Pinky and the Brain, portrays Morbo, Calculon, Kiff and Hedonismbot (among an hundred-odd others) on Futurama and who can teach you — yes, YOU! — how to Talk Like William Shatner by going straight here.

Here are some screen grabs to whet your appetite.




PJTV has once again been kind enough to post this without needing either a subscription or even registration. They can’t keep doing this forever, so if you like it and want to see more coming, needless to say a subscription — even registration, which is free — would help convince my Insect Overlords that this is moving in the right direction.

I’ll post the transcript as an essay in about a week (because more than than anything else I’ve done, this needs to be seen rather than read.)

Up Next: I’m going to try something a little different. I’m going to try to concentrate on two things now: AFTERBURNERS like the Atomic Bomb segments: well researched, factual and exhaustive; and a new series which I am going to call The Common Sense Resistance, which I want to be a series that examines the philosophical underpinnings of what is today known as “Conservative” thought but which is really just Common Sense: that shared wisdom built into society over hundreds of years of trial and error.

I’ll start with a look at Thomas Sowell’s brilliant — and I mean BRILLIANT — analysis of the two schools of modern Western thought. Unless some liberal pundit steps on another land mine, next up will be THE TRAGEDY OF THE UNCONSTRAINED VISION. It’s going to look and feel very different and I’m really excited about it. Until then, I hope you enjoy watching THE DOWD CONUNDRUM as much as I enjoyed making it.