Eject Eject Eject


On Wednesday, April 15th, thousands of Americans who have never before protested anything in their lives are going to be taking some hours from their busy workdays to go out into streets and show the Statists that they are not simply going to roll over and hand over the fruits of their labor to fund this growing aneurysm known as the Federal Government.

They will be on solid philosophical ground.

Anyone with any fundamental understanding of the United States Constitution, and the process by which it was negotiated, shouted over and eventually ratified, would tell you of the horror and shock that would confront every single one of them if they were to see what we have become: a gigantic, ever-growing welfare state that breeds resentment and dependency, perpetuated by a ruling oligarchy of 535 congressmen, 9 Justices, a president, vice-president and cabinet that contain people with three, or four, or five decades away from the people they represent and who function as an imperial aristocracy — because they are.

If you are feeling dismay and astonishment at what has happened to our Country, can you not find some way to take an hour or two from your busy schedule and attend one of these tea party events? Yes, I know it’s a lot of trouble. I know it’s hard to get out of work, tough to drive to the location, hassle with parking, and all of that. You probably don’t have a sign prepared and you don’t need one. You can make a hundred solid excuses why it’s damn near impossible for you to go, and I am sympathetic to all of it…



These men signed a document knowing that was their death sentence, should their ramshackle collection of farmers and brewers and smiths fail to prevail against the most powerful military force the world had ever seen.  A death sentence.  They did that, not because they craved money, or social position, or political power — as with all revolutions before or since. Most of them had that in abundance. This was a risk they took not to gain everything, but to lose it.

They did it because they believed that men should be free: free from the petty tyrannies of other people telling you what to do for your own good. They risked their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for you. If we cannot take two hours out of work to repay that debt, then we deserve everything that is coming to us.