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I promised the new essay today. I'm sorry to say it will not be ready, but I have a good reason: I'm onto what I think is one of the deepest ideas I've ever had. I just flew through seven new pages last night, and it is SO MUCH BETTER than what I had I want to flesh it out all the way and then — incredibly — think about it for a day or so and make corrections before I go ahead with it. In return for this horrible delay, I think we might see a guest commentary sooner rather then later. Also, I will later tonight drop some spoilers in the comments section of this post. Many apologies to the regulars. I hope and trust it will be worth the wait. I feel like I am really onto something very interesting and I want to chew it over as best I can. More in the comments later tonight. Thanks to all.

UPDATE: As promised, the capsule view of what I have in mind is available in the comments section. Scroll down to May16th, 10:26pm for the details. Again, apologies for the delay, but I assure you it will be worth it



First, thanks to all who bought the Second Edition of Silent America. I hope to be shipping the softcovers by the beginning of next week, and the hardcover is 1-2 weeks after that. As always, I deeply appreciate the support.

I had a couple of temporary pages up during the past few days. Sorry if your comments vaporized when the page went away. This entry will stay until the new essay is up.

That should be early in the week. One of the things I've been holding for is the domain registration to clear on Ejectia.com. No point in clicking; there's nothing there yet. However, reader/commenter svinrod was kind enough to send me a graphic of his idea for the Ejectia logo, and I liked it so much I did a little 3D Studio Max on it and produced this image you see above.  

Pretty cool! So now the book, banner, new domain and other prelims are out of the way, I suppose there is nothing left to do but get on with it.  

See you in a day or two – Wednesday tops. And, as always, I'll be lurking in the comment section.

Thanks again for the book sales. It's enough to make a guy feel like a hundredaire! Or a thousandaire! Who's counting?!