Eject Eject Eject

ENOUGH OF THIS [email protected]%#&*!!

Folks, I have been pursuing the same mangy, beat-up, tired old rabbit down the same worn-out, muddy, collapsing hole for nearly three months now. If I were any smarter I would have figured out long ago that this TRIBES idea was NOT working and that I should MOVE ON.


But no. And rather than just write what was on my mind, I decided I’d keep hacking and bashing at this idea until I got it working, and then I’d get back to this empty page.

Well, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 27,692 times, shame on me.

I’ll be back within 48 hours with some helpful debating advice. I will write some essays that don’t require intravenous morphine to extract. And I will publish this book -‘ one way or another.

Until then -‘ and I mean, during the next few hours -‘ I need a favor from the Illuminati. Does anyone know how to upgrade Movable Type? The comment spam reminds me of the time I left some shoes out in my Florida Apartment after a walk through the boggy Everglades. Two days later there was green mold over every surface in the place. Spammers should be tortured, disemboweled, quartered and buried in quicklime, and their heads put on pikes outside of Best Buy and CompUSA as a warning to those thinking about taking up the hobby.

e-Brother Matt has some excellent suggestions I am trying to put into effect. I understand the new MT has some safeguards against this disease. Poor GHS is losing his mind and his fingertips, deleting 700+ spam hits per day.

Anyway, back in a few with some words on the ‘debate.’ They will not be kind words.