Eject Eject Eject


(Many apologies, many apologies — especially to you midnight readers! I got called in to work today and tomorrow — but I have Wednesday through Sunday off and I guarantee I will get something worthwhile up by– okay I guarantee I will get something I HOPE is worthwhile up by then.

I’m not trying to tease! They’re killing me here!)

I finished the last of the three-week straight editing session last Sunday morning at 3 am! All the kudos have been kudoed. Then I slept like Rip Van Whittle.

New essays coming, and old essays being proof read for long alluded-to book.

First in the new series is AND THEN A MIRACLE OCCURS… Hopefully by the end of the weekend, or Monday night at the latest.

Thanks for your patience through yet another of these busy spells. Hopefully I can make it worth your while, you fine folks.