The iPad Finds a Home


Dr. Claudio Palma leans over his patient.  He’s got his mask and gloves on, he’s checking the beeping blood pressure monitor to his left, and, just before beginning his latest spinal procedure, Dr. Palma reaches back, and picks up his latest surgical tool:  His brand new Apple iPad.


After spending three hours in line over the weekend, Palma says he’s already seeing results in the operating room from his new device.  Thanks to such apps as Epocrates, Dr. Palma, who operates, literally, out of the Spinal Diagnostics and Treatment Center in Daly City, is just a touch away from patient data, drug information, and full-color pictures of what he’s about to operate on. 

With a touch of his finger (and, in case you were wondering, the iPad works with operating gloves on, too), Palma can adjust the size of his photos, and pull up new information in seconds.

We’re not sure if this is what Apple thought of when designing the iPad.  And, to be fair, Palma says he’ll also be watching videos and reading books on his new toy. 

But on day one at work, it’s already making a difference.  Palma says the iPad makes it easier to find information than when he had to boot up his office computer and surf around with a mouse.


And the big screen gives him a big advantage over trying to do the same things with his iPhone.  In short, he’s sold, and considers his three hour wait outside the Apple store to be a good investment.

Here’s a look at Dr. Palma with his iPad in the operating room:

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