Apple Crushes Renegade Clone-maker Psystar

Steve Jobs made it clear years ago that no one will clone Apple products without incurring his wrath.  Just ask Power Computing’s Steve Kang. In the swipe of his hand a half-decade ago, Jobs crushed Kang’s fledgling clone company. Now Jobs done it again.  Renegade Apple clone wanna-be Psystar has been locked in a legal battle with Apple, which is a bad idea. Documents now show Psystar’s argument against Apple has been rejected by the Federal court, all-but-ending this round of the battle. Psystar can refile its suit with a new justification but its initial argument — that Apple’s refusal to allow for clones is an illegal monopolistic practice — won’t stand up in court.  Somewhere, Steve Kang is experiencing deja vu.