FaustCompany: Mark Zuckerberg - Lucky Or Good?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is riding the proverbial rocket ship like a bat outta Hades.  His company, only 4 years old, is the hottest thing in the social networking world.  At the tender age of 24, Forbes named Zuckerberg “the worlds youngest self-made Billionaire.”  But, his company has yet to make a penny profit.  And then there are the lingering questions about how he came up with the idea for Facebook. 

So, you tell us – is Mark Zuckerberg a Genius, a Svengali or did he simply deed his soul to the devil?  Lucky or Good? 

Lucky or Good will be a regular Edgelings feature and we’ll be asking you to comment on the prowess of other industry luminaries in the coming weeks.  As always, we’re interested in hearing what you think.