Michelle By Numbers: The Low Spark of High-Heeled FLOTUS

“Oh Look: Michelle Obama’s Complaining Again.” Jon Gabriel of Ricochet on the never-ending kvetching tour of our perpetually-aggrieved FLOTUS:

Last week, first lady Michelle Obama lectured the leaders of The Whitney Museum at their grand opening, insisting that American museums are unwelcoming to “people who look like (her).” Her stable, middle-class childhood and her Ivy League education — topped with wealth, power, and privilege — can ‘t mitigate her fury at perceived ill-treatment at the hands of a racist America.

This week, FLOTUS registered a new complaint about the bad hand America has dealt her. In a commencement address, she inspired graduates of Alabama’s Tuskegee University by lamenting the pain and emotional distress she has endured as the first African-American First Lady.


Read the whole thing. And then check out Michelle Malkin, who lowers the boom on Michelle O. “It’s hard to take Mrs. Obama seriously, because she has been caught so brazenly lying about the racial discrimination she supposedly still faces today even as first lady of the United States:”

“Even as the first lady,” she bemoaned, “not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me” at a Target store “was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf.” Remember: ABC News reported that Mrs. Obama claimed such “incidents are ‘the regular course of life’ for African Americans and a ‘challenge’ for the country to overcome.”

The anecdote turned out to be a tall tale — with the emphasis on “tall.” The reason the 5-foot-11 first lady was asked to get detergent off the Target shelf was that her vertically challenged fellow shopper couldn’t reach it. How do we know this? Because Mrs. Obama said so herself in a radically different version of the Target story she told David Letterman three years ago.

“I reached up, ’cause she was short, and I reached up, pulled it down,” the first lady described with that megawatt grin, and the shopper said, “Well, you didn’t have to make it look so easy.” Far from psychologically debilitated by any racial “sting,” Mrs. Obama told Letterman, “I felt so good” helping out the short woman.

I don’t care what color you are: This arrogant exercise of first lady privilege — invoking false stories to stoke racial hostility and score political points — is patently offensive. There’s enough demagoguery in the public square. The Aspen ski-vacationing, haute couture-wearing, Hollywood elite-chumming first lady’s delusional discrimination fables are fuel on a raging fire her husband has failed to alleviate with billions of dollars of government “investments,” programs, summits and photo-ops.

It is especially irresponsible of Mrs. Obama to be spreading her cultural gasoline on college campuses, where the excesses of identity politics and multiculturalism continue to poison young minds.

Don’t like suffering the “daily slights” of questions about your honesty? Stop lying.


In recent weeks, Mrs. Obama seems to have entered the political equivalent of the late career decadent phase in which many ’70s rock stars wallowed, during the financial peak of that industry, in the copycat wake of John Lennon’s confessional first solo album after the Beatles split up in 1970. Traffic’s “The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys,” Bob Seeger’s “Turn the Page,” The Who’s Who By Numbers album, Led Zeppelin’s Presence and Pink Floyd’s double album The Wall all made ’70s-era audiences shell out their hard-earned money to hear how truly awful it was being a millionaire rock star. Oh, the psychic horrors of touring by private plane and the endless brandy, coke and groupies after the stadium shows. The horror. The horror. Dire Straits’ mid-’80s smash “Money for Nothing” was a witty turn on the same concept; song from the point of view of a jealous blue collar major appliance installer wondering why he’s not entitled to the same lifestyle. But the underlying message was the same: recording and touring is such hard work, you peons.

Similarly, Michelle Obama is demanding the privilege of speaking to audiences (transported via private plane and surrounded by security, both taxpayer-funded amenities) to remind them that as First Lady of the United States, set for life as the wife of the president, about to experience unending taxpayer-supplied luxury and as much leisure time as she desires at the end of next year, that she’s a victim.


The horror.


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