Ed Driscoll

Gentlemen, You Can't Ask Questions Here—This is a Journalism Awards Ceremony!

“Hillary Clinton Won’t Take Questions at Journalism Award Ceremony,” Mediaite reports:

Hillary Clinton, known for giant paydays in exchange for speeches, will take no money for her remarks before the 2015 Toner Prize Celebration later this month. She’s also not taking any questions.

The March 23 ceremony will celebrate the winner of the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting. Clinton, a longtime friend of the award’s sponsors, is keynoting the event for free.

Tickets to the ceremony run $250, but the event is open to the press. “It’s going to stop being an awards ceremony if she makes any news — everyone will exit the room and start writing,” said Peter Gosselin, husband to the late reporter Robin Toner, for whom the award is named. “Journalists will be journalists.”

Having Hillary, who hasn’t driven a car since the mid-1990s, and whose idea of maximum encryption is a apparently an eMachine running WindowsMe in her living room attending something called the “Toner Awards,” is a nice Tom Wolfe-style touch. But then, this isn’t the only journalism event where journalism isn’t permitted:


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