Ed Driscoll

And Speaking of Obama and Religion!

“Earnest: Not sure if Jews are terror targets, and climate change is a bigger threat anyway,” writes Noah Rothman at (appropriately enough for this topic) Hot Air: 

When asked by Karl if Obama really, truly believed that climate change is a greater threat to life and liberty than terrorism, Earnest remained composed. “I think, Jon, that the point that the president was making,” Earnest began, “was that there are many more people on an annual basis who have to confront the impact – the direct impact on their lives – of climate change, or of the spread of a disease than on terrorism.”

Probed as to whether he would definitively assert that Obama thinks terrorism is not as great a cause for alarm as is the weather, Earnest did not disappoint. In a rambling response about the struggles climate change imposes on Americans, “particularly Americans living in this country,” Earnest confirmed in not so many words that the president views global warming as a valid national security challenge on par with, if not more significant than, climate change.

Further proof that belief in global warming really is an alternative religion, one with its own alternative bible.