Ed Driscoll

Two CNNs In One!

“CNN Contributor Agrees, CNN ‘Totally Biased’ Against Republicans,” the Daily Caller notes:

Appearing on NewsmaxTV, CNN contributor and syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette blasted his own network, calling it out for bias against Republicans, while adding that CNN has a “warped sense” of what’s actually news.

Navarrette made the remarks to NewsmaxTV host Steve Malzberg on his eponymous show Monday afternoon.

“I’ll leave CNN out of this, out of respect, because you work there, but what about NBC, CBS?” Malzberg asked. “A lot of people, including me, would say they’re totally biased against Republicans.”

“I agree. I would agree with that as well. I think CNN also fits that category as well at times,” Navarrette conceded.

“CNN’s bigger problem, and I think a lot of the network’s as well, they cover the wrong stories,” the columnist continued. “You know, they talk about Hollywood weddings and plane crashes and things. They have a real warped sense of what people want to see on television.”

I’m not sure if that’s CNN’s bigger problem — but a network that still holds itself out as “objective” when compared to Fox News and MSNBC and in reality is simply MSNBC Lite has created a pretty large problem for itself. But as long as hard left SJW Jeff Zucker, who spent the previous decade destroying NBC and its subsidiaries is in charge at CNN, don’t look for a change anytime soon; the corporate culture simply doesn’t exist.